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Premium quality parts.
Fast & friendly expert service.

Timing Belt King has brought something new and refreshing to the auto repair and maintenance market,  with service that is superior, and typically costs 30% - 40% less than dealerships!

Specializing in timing belt replacement allows Timing Belt King to keep our prices lower than most, without sacrificing the top notch personal service and professional installation quality which you and your vehicle deserve.  

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fluid maintenance services

Timing Belt King is proud to announce that we also perform fluid maintenance services, Including:

Transmission Fluid Flush - Recommended Every 30,000 Miles
Brake Fluid Flush - Recommended Every 3 years or 30,000 Miles
Power Steering Fluid Flush - Recommended Every 30,000 Miles
4 wheel Drive Differential Fluid Service - Recommended Every 30,000 Miles
Transfer Case Lubricants - Recommended Every 30,000 Miles
Engine Oil Change Services - Intervals Vary Depeding on Vehicle and Driving Conditions
Air Induction System Cleaning - Recommended Every 15,000 Miles
BG44k Premium Fuel System Cleaner - Recommended Add To Fuel Tank Every 6 Months

We proudly use BG Chemicals and methods, and offer a full range of fluid choices ranging from
Economy fluids to BG Premium Fluids.   Ask about the BG LIfetime Protection Plan, which can help cover the cost of repairs to a component that has been protected with BG services! 

Additional SErvices available

Timing Belt King can also perform other basic maintenance and light vehicle repairs, including:

Replacing Spark Plugs
Brake Pads and Rotors
Replacing CV axles
Restoration of Cloudy or oxidized Headlight Lenses
Cleaning and Deodorizing of A/C Evaporator and Vents
Battery Replacement or Corrosion Cleaning

We encourage keeping your vehicle in the best possible condition at all times, to ensure comfort, safety and reliability, and to maximize your investment in vehicle maintenance.


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Timing Belt Replacement service:
most vehicles $395 plus parts!
(includes water pump replacement)

Timing belt replacement is complex, and each vehicle requires a unique blend of parts and procedures.  Our typical labor charge is $395 and includes everything listed in our standard service above.  There are a small number of engines out there that will require additional labor charges for the standard service.  

Our prices for parts required for most vehicles are usually between $250-$500.

We use only premium quality parts, and we strive for original equipment or OEM equivalent parts whenever possible.  If you prefer, you may always specify genuine automobile manufacturer's parts.

Check out our List of Sample Prices
Contact us today for a custom quote for your vehicle!


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