Timing Belt King strives to use the highest quality parts, from quality OEM (original equipment) manufacturers.  Each vehicle make is different, so we help our customers choose good quality, good fitment, and long lasting parts, all backed by our exclusive 4 Year 44,000 Mile warranty.  OES (Original Equipment Supplier), or Genuine Vehicle Manufacturer parts almost always provide the best quality, fitment, and longevity...but this often comes with an extremely high price tag.  In our opinion, there are instances where the genuine part is reasonably priced, or provides enough of an advantage over other available options to warrant the use of OES parts.  Using our wide network of quality parts suppliers, and our expereince and expertise, the parts we recommend for your vehicle are carefully selected from many suppliers, manufacturers, and product lines, to save you money without risking quality or reliability.  We use quality parts from manufacturers like Aisin, Mitsuboshi, NSK, Gates, Graf, Nachi, Continental, INA, and Litens.  We caution our customers to be wary of inferior quality parts, as the continued operation of these moving parts is essential to keep your engine operational and avoid costly mechanical breakdowns.  

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